Haptics Video 5



Title slide: What is the Difference between Pro-Tactile and Haptics?

Video image description: A close up of a woman signing into the camera.

You might be wondering what IS the difference between Pro-Tactile communication and Haptic communication.  Let’s talk about it!  Pro-Tactile communication is diverse and expansive whereas Haptic communication is simply a standardized system of signals. Haptics is not a language.  Pro-Tactile communication is a philosophy, a language, a culture, and a movement.  It is intended to promote equality and access for individuals who are deaf-blind and was created by deaf-blind people. Pro-Tactile can be used in a one-on-one or group setting, but it is not standardized.  The use of touch is more intrinsic and organic where communication partners decide what is best for them through touch.

We at the Helen Keller National Center support and promote all individuals right to choose whatever method or philosophy that works for them.  For more information about the Pro-Tactile movement, please visit www.protactile.org