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HKS Events

a close up of someone's hands holding an iPhone

Train the Trainer Webinar: Strengthening Assessment and Training Skills in the iOS 17 Transition

Implications for the DeafBlind Community

Sep 29 - Sep 29, 2023

An African-American male wearing a gray sports jacket, with graying hair, and a big smile while proudly holding his white cane in front of tall buildings.

NDEAM Webinar: Celebrating Accomplishments and Building an Inclusive Tomorrow

Increasing Access and Equity for individuals who are Blind and DeafBlind

Oct 4 - Oct 4, 2023

A man arranging roses and baby's breath in a vase at a florist shop while a man hands him a rose

NDEAM Webinar: The Power of a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

Oct 11 - Oct 11, 2023

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A group of people standing outside in front of a garden
Helen Keller ServicesNews
Port Washington News: Harvest Garden Party
A Vibio Bluetooth Bed Shaker. It looks like a square with rounded corners and has a snooze strap attached to it.
A woman is reading the braille description underneath a piece of art hanging on a wall which has a tactile paper mâché short boot and a raised paper mâché map of Italy. Another woman is standing at her side.