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Start the journey toward your own goals

HKNC is the premiere agency offering comprehensive vocational rehabilitation services for individuals who are DeafBlind at its headquarters in Sands Point NY, at locations across the country and through virtual assessment and training opportunities. Our network of regional representatives can work with you to decide what training will best meet your needs.

A man and a woman sit facing each other and use tactile hand over hand sign


Delivering services through our nationwide network

National Registry

HKNC maintains a confidential national registry of people in the U.S. and U.S. territories who are DeafBlind. The information we collect informs our research and program planning and enhances our advocacy efforts. We welcome you to add your information to this national registry.

What Can HKNC Do For You?

Our network of regional representatives connects DeafBlind individuals, their families and service providers with all that HKNC has to offer.

Contact the regional representative in your area if you are interested in consultation, advocacy, assessment, training, referrals or other HKNC services or programs.

Apply for Services

Your regional representative will work with you to select and apply for the training options that will best meet your needs and lifestyle.

Resources & Referrals

Your regional representative will work with you to identify resources and make any necessary referrals.

Interagency Partnerships

Regional representatives provide information and consultation and partner with other agencies to enhance services for youth and adults who are DeafBlind.

Professional Training & Resources

Regional representatives provide professional training and referrals to additional resources to match your learning needs.

Voices from the Community

News & Events

We have been busy! Find out what we have been up to, and check out what is coming next.