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If you are looking for a program in your own home and in your local neighborhood, community habilitation might be the program for you. Community habilitation offers individuals the opportunity to develop skills that will make them more independent within their own homes by developing cooking skills, grooming skills, home management, laundry skills, money management and communications skills.

An older man using a wheelchair and woman smiling in front of a group of people playing with a rainbow parachute

Participants in the program also expand their knowledge of the local community and available resources.

Many individuals use their community habilitation time to join an exercise program at the local fitness club, explore the resources and programs at the local library or engage in swimming at the community pool. You may also learn how to travel to and access local banks, supermarkets and retail stores.

Together with family, the care coordinator and the instructor, you will design a customized, individual plan of activities.

Along with designing your own program plan, you will also determine the number of hours and the days of the week you would like to participate in the program. During all the activities a trained habilitation worker will be present to provide teaching and support. This program is open to developmentally disabled individuals living in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

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