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“Together, we can do so much.”

– Helen Keller

We work as a team with people who are blind, DeafBlind, have low vision or combined hearing and vision loss to live their dreams. Collaborate with us to build more accessible and inclusive communities, provide enhanced services and employment opportunities, and advance our collective understanding of important issues to promote change.

Partnership Opportunities

See how you can get involved.

Our partnerships are as innovative and diverse as the individuals we work with. Here are a few of the ways our partners are making a difference today.

Service Providers

Let’s work together to share our knowledge and create new opportunities for individuals who are blind, have low vision or are DeafBlind.

Educational & Research Partners

We work with universities and other educational institutions to develop and disseminate curricula in partnership with blind and DeafBlind individuals and communities.

Corporate Partners

Corporations advance our mission through employment opportunities, training and workshops, funding and volunteering.

Community-based Partners

Individual volunteers and grassroots organizations team up with us to support inclusion for everyone.

Partnership Spotlight

Partnering Together

Our partners are helping us advance our mission through mutually beneficial collaborations. We are actively seeking to team up with individuals and organizations working in various fields. Contact us to talk about becoming a partner.

A group of men and women standing in front of a braille wall and Helen Keller sign
Our wonderful partners at National Grid.

Become a Partner

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