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HKNC is a leader in the field providing virtual vocational rehabilitation services.

HKNC offers virtual assessment and training in the core areas of employment services, adaptive technology, communication, independent living and mobility, and the clinical areas of audiology, low vision and mental health counseling. We use creative strategies to collect information during a four-week assessment and offer support to connect to classes remotely. The assessment and training is tailored to IPE goals and interests with a focus on practical applications. Along with your VR counselor and the HKNC transdisciplinary team of instructors, you will fully participate in the co-creation of your individualized training program.

HKNC provides a free assessment to determine if you have the technology available to you for remote learning. HKNC’s expert technology team will also work with you to help you access the most effective remote format for your virtual classes. Instruction may be provided by telephone, iPhone, iPad, e-mail, computer, videophone, FaceTime, Zoom meetings and Google Classroom among other virtual options.

Virtual Assessment & Training

What We Offer

We invite you and your vocational rehabilitation counselor to explore the array of training options available.

Virtual Vocational Services

HKNC offers virtual vocational assessment and training in all areas related to job exploration, work readiness and job seeking skills.

Virtual Communication Skills

Develop strategies and methods for communicating in all environments. Distance braille classes and sign language classes are offered to anyone from beginners to those interested in further refining skills.

Virtual Adaptive Technology

Learn how to use adaptive technology to access portable devices such as an iPhone or iPad. Develop strategies and learn how to access your computer through screen magnification, speech access or braille. Our tech team will help you set up the most efficient way of accessing virtual classes for all your training needs.

Virtual Independent Living

Develop new strategies to manage your home, learn about the newest techniques and adaptive equipment, or refine your cooking and organization skills. The virtual independent living instructors will work with you to determine the safest and most effective virtual training that can be provided to you independently or with the support of others such as your family or a rehabilitation teacher in your home.

Our Impact

Building more inclusive communities and empowering participants to live fuller lives.

At Helen Keller Services, we know that everyone wins when communities are more diverse, inclusive, and accessible to all. We partner with corporations, technology innovators, service providers, funders and individuals to fulfill our mission of enabling our participants to live, work and thrive in the communities of their choice.

Two people smiling into camera and signing “I love you.” The woman wears a face mask and the boy has his face mask below his chin


Years of service

Empowering people who are blind, DeafBlind, have low vision or combined hearing and vision loss since 1893.


States providing HKNC services

The Helen Keller National Center for DeafBlind Youths and Adults (HKNC) serves people across the United States through a network of regional offices.


Participants served annually by HKSB

Helen Keller Services for the Blind (HKSB) serves people in the greater New York and Tri-state area.

News & Events

We have been busy! Find out what we have been up to, and check out what is coming next.