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First Annual AccessAbility Awards on June 30th

2021 HKS AccessAbility Award

Helen Keller Services announces the first annual “AccessAbility Awards,” recognizing companies, non-profit organizations and individuals doing work to support the individuals who are DeafBlind, blind or have low vision in a variety of ways. The Awards are timed to coincide with both the birthday of Helen Keller and DeafBlind Awareness Week, on June 27 to July 3.

The Awards will be presented in a special virtual ceremony on June 30, 2021 at 2:45 – 3:45 p.m. EST and broadcast on the Helen Keller Services Facebook page and YouTube page.

Award Recipients

HKS and the Feeling Through team attend the 93rd annual Academy Awards

A group photo which includes filmmaker Doug Roland, HKS CEO Susan Ruzenski, DeafBlind actor Robert Tarango, and others.

After a late-night chance encounter with a DeafBlind man on a New York City street, writer/director Doug Roland wrote the award winning short film, Feeling Through. Doug knew from the start he wanted to cast a true DeafBlind actor to star, so he partnered with Helen Keller Services to realize that mission.

Watch the Oscar-nominated Best Live Action Short Film

Two Helen Keller National Center (HKNC) staff using tactile sign language outside of the HKNC training center.

Language is a powerful tool and it is our responsibility to ensure the use of our language is inclusive and representative of the cultural collectiveness and valued diversity within the community we serve. It is with this understanding that we are excited to announce the decision to replace our use of the term “deaf-blind” with the preferred term “DeafBlind” throughout Helen Keller Services.​​

Every individual has a different experience and emphasizing both the experience of vision and hearing loss is important. “DeafBlind” applies to a whole person and recognizes Deaf and Blind uniquely as a single identity.​

We are sensitive to the diverse perspectives of the community and respect the wishes of the individuals and audiences we are addressing. Change is necessary for improvement and we are grateful for the feedback from the DeafBlind community in support of our ongoing evolution as an organization. ​


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Resources for Consumers and Professionals during COVID-19

We have collected some resources we hope you find helpful in these unprecedented times. Included are some resources about COVID-19 in English, Spanish, and ASL. Additionally, many individuals are working remotely or trying to continue consumer learning from home, and we have included a variety of resources (some for consumers and some for professionals). This is by no means a comprehensive list, but we hope you will find something for you or your clients. 

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Are you interested in working with blind or deaf-blind individuals? Explore the possibility of joining our team. We foster an inclusive environment where you’ll have the chance to change lives every day.

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