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One of Helen Keller National Center’s goals is to meet the employment needs of businesses with candidates who are trained and qualified to make a positive impact on their organizations.

The National Employment & Business Relations Specialist (NEBRS) establishes relationships with national companies to help them hire qualified, motivated and dedicated candidates who, with reasonable and inexpensive accommodations, thrive in the workplace.

Hiring individuals with disabilities can have a positive impact on revenue and profits.

According to a recent study by Accenture, a multinational professional services company, between 2015 and 2018 businesses that offered the most inclusive working environment by employing individuals with disabilities achieved an average of 28% higher revenue, 30% greater economic profit margins, and twice the net income of their industry peers. Hiring people with disabilities can give employers competitive advantages by increasing productivity, creating workplace diversity, expanding markets and profiting from higher retention rates.

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You can rely on HKNC’s Expertise

HKNC’s experts are ready to advise your business with:

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Reasonable accommodations
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Communication strategies
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Technology recommendations
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Referrals to state agencies prepared to help

Have you met an individual with combined hearing and vision loss or who is DeafBlind?

The community of people who are DeafBlind is quite diverse. Each person who is DeafBlind has a unique life experience based on several factors including how much they see and hear, age of onset (when they became deaf, blind or DeafBlind) educational and cultural background and whether they have additional disabilities.

The term DeafBlind refers to a person who has a combined vision and hearing loss. Only a small percentage of people who are DeafBlind have absolutely no vision or hearing. Most people who are DeafBlind fall on a spectrum of having some usable hearing and/or vision.

What services can Helen Keller National Center provide?

HKNC is available to your business to support the processes of interviewing, hiring, orientation, training and support on an ongoing basis. The Center has a team of professionals who can support the educational needs of your company including how to make the work environment more accessible for all workers, inexpensive job accommodations, tax incentives and communication strategies. Some people may assume that hiring a person who is DeafBlind will be challenging. However, it is not uncommon that with support and education, businesses and their employees find themselves changing these assumptions. What might have seemed to be an obstacle can often be easily resolved with creativity and workable solutions.

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