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Haptics Demonstration Videos

Two women engaging in tactile sign at a table

Haptics in a Coffee Shop

A young girl helps her mother by mostly using directional signals for food and drink.

Title Slide: Using Haptics at a Coffee Shop

A young girl brings coffee and a pastry bag to a woman seated at a table. The girl uses Haptics to inform the woman where she has placed her coffee and pastry on the table. The signal for “food” is made followed by the directional signal “to the left.” The woman reaches for her pastry. The signal for “drink,” then the signal for “coffee” is made followed by the directional signal for “to the right.” The woman reaches out and takes her coffee. [End of Transcript]

Using Action Signals to Facilitate a Meeting

A man facilitates a meeting in meeting room, mostly focusing on action and facial expression signals.

Title Slide: Using Action Signals to Facilitate a Meeting

Chris is seated at a table with several co-workers. He is accessing sign visually, but is relying on Haptics for information outside his field of vision. A provider is giving Chris the following information via Haptic signals.
People are looking at you, using the signal “eye gaze.”
Person is nodding.
A person with the initial “M” has walked into the room. She and another person are walking across the room. Both people sit down. Chris waits until both are situated until continuing on with the meeting.
Someone is laughing to Chris’s right.
A person is writing.
A person with the initial “V” seated to Chris’s right has raised her hand.
A person seated to his left raises her hand and starts signing. Chris looks towards the signer.
Chris is taking notes. A person seated to his right is talking, and to his left is signing at the same time. The person continues to sign. A person nods in agreement.
Chris is informed that the door has opened and a person with the initial “M” has walked into the room.
He is informed that a person to his right is drinking. Chris looks in that direction and nods.
The signal for interpreter switch is provided. Chris pauses the meeting and announces it’s time to change interpreters. [End of Transcript]

DeafBlind Colleagues using Haptics (Social Feedback)

Title Slide: Social Feedback: DeafBlind Colleagues Using Haptics

Video image description: Two women seated facing each other with their legs interlocked. They are communicating via American Sign Language (ASL). The woman on the left (Maricar) uses tactile sign language. She is not able to access sign or facial expressions visually. The woman on the right (Sonya) has restricted visual fields and decreased acuities but is able to visually access sign if presented within her field of vision.
In this first clip you will notice Sonya and Maricar having a conversation. They are tapping each other on the leg to indicate they are following along.
Sonya signing: What did you do this weekend?
Maricar signing: Hmm, oh that’s right, I was on vacation last week with my husband. We went to visit my family in Canada.
(Sonya is tapping Maricar’s leg to indicate she is following along.)
Maricar signing: And then we left to return home on Saturday. We my parent’s house Saturday, early, early, like two or three o’clock in the morning. And Don drove all the way back to NY. Took us about 11 hours, so by the time we got back to NY I was pretty pooped and just rested up.
Title Slide: In this next clip, Sonya is using the constant contact technique.
Maricar signing: You know; I was so mad this morning.
(Sonya is tapping Maricar’s upper arm to let her know she is following along.)
Maricar signing: I was in this big rush and I ran into my office with my guide dog, Dixie. I didn’t realize it, but my husband had left my sandwich from Subway on the table. Anyway, I left Dixie in the office and ran out to do a few things and by the time I got back, my sandwich was gone. I’m looking around for the sandwich and I notice there is lettuce all over the floor.
(Sonya is laughing and using the signal for laugh on Maricar’s leg.)
Maricar signing: So obviously Dixie at the sandwich. I just lost it.
Sonya signing: I knew something was up. After lunch, I was out in the hallway and a student called me over. And Dixie, all of a sudden, was by my side, asking me to pet her. She just wasn’t acting herself. You know, all innocent.
(Maricar uses the signal for smile on Sonya’s leg.)
Sonya signing: I was just about to let you know something was up, but then I noticed the big mess all over the kitchen and thought, hmm, maybe I should stay out of this. She followed me back to my desk and wouldn’t leave my side. Obviously she was hiding from you. No wonder!
(Maricar is using the signal for laugh.)
Sonya signing: Did you clean it all up?
Maricar signing: Yup, I cleaned it all up, all taken care of.
Sonya signing: She at the whole thing? Was she sick?
(Maricar is agreeing by tapping on Sonya’s knee.)
Maricar signing: Nope, she was fine.
Sonya signing: Oh, she’s lucky.

Title slide: Tapping was used again to indicate they were following the conversation. A few signals were also used to share that they were laughing, agreeing, disagreeing and smiling. [End of Transcript]

Using Name Signals in the Workplace: (Adriana and Ryan)

Title Slide: Using Name Signals in the Workplace.

Adriana is walking down a hallway with her cane. A co-worker is passing her, he stops to give his name signal on her shoulder and Adriana turns to say “hi Ryan” and both continue on their way. [End of Transcript]

Using Haptics to Navigate One’s Environment (Guiding with Cane) – Adriana and Catherine

Title Slide: Using Haptic Signals to Navigate One’s Environment

One woman is walking down the hallway with a white cane.
(Text box) Straight ahead
A second woman provides the signal “straight ahead” on her back. She then provides the signal for “door” to indicate the three doors they are passing.
(Text box) Door
Using Haptics, the provider informs her a person is walking towards them. The receiver immediately moves to the left to avoid colliding with the person. [End of Transcript]

Directional Signals in a Public Restroom

Title Slide: Using Haptics in a Public Restroom

A woman exits a public bathroom stall. Her provider is waiting for her outside the stall. The provider uses Haptics to inform the woman, or receiver, of the location of the sink, soap dispenser, paper towels and garbage. The receiver washes her hands, takes a paper towel, dries her hands and then throws the paper towel away. She then follows the provider’s signals to the door and leaves the restroom. [End of Transcript]

Using Haptics to inform People you are entering or leaving the room

Title Slide: Using Haptics to Inform Individuals who are DeafBlind You are Entering or Exiting a Room

Title Slide: Haptics is a system of providing visual and environmental information to individuals who are DeafBlind via touch on the body. When in the presence of an individual who is DeafBlind, one must always identify themselves upon entering or leaving the room.

Here, Faith’s teacher, Adriana, is letting Faith know she’s there by placing her name signal on her arm. Adriana then trails her back to let Faith know she’s walking behind her to a seat beside her. Faith recognizes Adriana immediately and says, “Hi Adriana.”

Title Slide: Adriana informs Faith she is leaving the room using Haptics.

Adriana uses her name signal and then the signal for leaving and walks out the door. Faith signs to Stacey, “Adriana just left.”

Title Slide: Stacey informs Faith that she is going to the restroom using Haptics.

Without having to interrupt Adriana and Faith’s conversation, Stacey informs them she is running to the restroom using Haptics. She first provides her name signal followed by a “T” on both arms. She drags her finger from the front of Faith’s arm towards the back to indicate she is leaving. Faith nods her head and informs Adriana that Stacey has left to go to the restroom.

Title Slide: The letter “T” signifies “restroom” or “toilet.” [End of Transcript]

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