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What to Expect

You’ll receive one-on-one vocational counseling, partnering with one of our placement specialists to identify work environments and opportunities that could be a good fit for you. Your evaluation will help you set goals and make an action plan to achieve them. Once you’ve decided on a career path, the placement specialist will help you develop the skills you need to land and keep a job.

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Develop the Skills to Succeed

Succeeding in the workplace takes more than the ability to perform a specific job function. Soft skills — like the ability to communicate, work with a team, lead a group or adapt to new situations — can be the key to excelling in an interview, landing a job and advancing your career. At HKSB, you’ll hone these skills. In doing so, you’ll make yourself a more attractive candidate for a position in whatever field you choose.

Our placements are as varied as our clients’ backgrounds and interests. We have placed individuals in a variety of settings including non-profit organizations, government sites, retail stores and professional service offices, including medical practices and law and accounting firms, as well as in the corporate arena.

Services Offered

Foundations Program

Participants in HKSB’s Foundations Program — a comprehensive work-readiness program that addresses the holistic needs of potential job seekers — excel in their next steps in obtaining employment.

  • Identify short and long term vocational goals.
  • Enhance your ability to travel safely.
  • Expand your daily living skills.
  • Participate in individual and group counseling.

Work Experience Training

During your time at HKSB, you will have the opportunity to work in real-world settings, building marketable skills and enhancing your resume through internship opportunities.

  • Learn what it takes to do the jobs that interest you.
  • Gain hands-on experience in your field of choice.
  • Put your new skills to the test in an actual work environment.
  • Find the right fit for you.

Internships are available year-round. Most placements are scheduled for a 12-week period and can be completed on a part-time or full-time basis.