A man walking on a sidewalk with a white cane next to a woman


Discover strategies to become a more independent traveler.

Gain skills to familiarize yourself with new environments and travel independently. You’ll learn how to navigate different environments, utilize public transportation, mitigate risks while traveling and identify and learn to use the travel aids that are right for you. (This may include a cane or street-crossing cards.) You will also employ strategies to communicate effectively with the public while en route to doctor’s appointments, shopping centers and more.

Research-based Training

At HKNC, you’ll learn best practices for safer, more efficient travel.

Our certified orientation and mobility specialists will introduce you to nationally recognized principles and methods to address the challenges of combined vision and hearing loss and your needs in particular.

Customized Training Plans

The first step will be to assess your strengths and challenges, and develop a customized training plan in collaboration with you. Then you’ll dive right into practical, hands-on learning.

Optimize Your Training

Your training will help you to improve your tactual interpretation of your environment. You’ll learn to switch from visual or aural cues to tactual ones as you orient yourself to new places and adapt to changing circumstances.

Develop Communication Skills

Our approach also includes a unique emphasis on communication, enabling you to develop the skills and strategies you need in order to seek out information and assistance from the people you meet on your travel routes.

Real-World Empowerment

Armed with strategies based on extensive research, you’ll be prepared to analyze the risks in unfamiliar surroundings and handle any obstacles that come your way.

Contact your regional representative to learn more about HKNC assistance.

Success Story

Cai Steele

Read Cai Steele’s gratitude-filled testimonial about being able to navigate more smoothly with a white cane thanks to Helen Keller Services.