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Baby reaches for propped-up tablet screen on floor while surrounded by baby toys and the guidance of adult hands on his bottom


Early Intervention Services

We offer occupational, physical, speech, vision, and orientation and mobility therapy in our early intervention program.

How it Works

Early Intervention Program

Early intervention services are provided at the child’s home. HKSB’s approach to intervention is guided by the belief that all children, regardless of their degree of disability, can learn to be self-determined and can be taught to effect change in their environment through physical action and communication.

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Eligibility for our program is determined by State-approved evaluators, of which we are an approved evaluation site.

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Families can be referred to our program by calling NYCEIP at 311 or contact us.

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The NYCEIP will arrange for appropriate services, considering the individual needs of the child and family. All needed services are identified in collaboration with the child’s parents and family members.

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Services are provided with no out-of-pocket cost to families, although health insurance may be accessed for reimbursement. Helen Keller Services for the Blind requires no fees from the parents or families for our early intervention services.

How Can We Work Together?

Start the conversation about how we can work together to make your child’s dreams and goals a reality.