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Person using a braille display and iPhone

In-person or virtual training, onsite or in your community.

HKNC instructors will help you to identify the technology that is best for you and provide you with instruction on how to use it. You’ll learn from experts in the field, including trainers who are DeafBlind and uses adaptive technology everyday.

The Adaptive Technology Center

Located at HKNC headquarters in Sands Point, New York, the Adaptive Technology Center features state-of-the-art adaptive equipment and software. This technology-rich environment is designed for individualized training, providing a comfortable setting in which to explore mobile, desktop computing and telecommunications solutions.

How It Works

Adaptive technology training customized to meet your needs

Trying to figure out the accessibility features on your mobile device? Looking for a program to help you read, send email or do business on your computer? Adaptive technology can help. Our instructors will help match you with the right technology to meet your individual needs. They will consider all the options available, from low tech to high tech, and provide you with a functional set of tools to grow with your abilities.

Assessment & Planning

Interested in learning more about technology options that may benefit you? HKNC will work with you to develop a training plan personalized to your specific needs.

Mobile Devices

Trying to figure out the accessibility features on your mobile device? Do you need access through a braille display? Adaptive technology can help.

Desktop Computing

Looking for a program to help you read, send email or do business on your computer? Adaptive technology can help.


Do you need an option for telecommunications? Videophones and text-based relay services are some options available. Adaptive technology can help.

Contact your regional representative to learn more about HKNC assistance.

A boy wearing a hearing aid, a face mask, and glasses with a strap taking a photo of the bottom of a cereal box with his phone

Find the right combination of tools for your needs.

Our specialists will help educate and train you on the variety of adaptive technology options available to you in order to increase your independence and ability to communicate.

Available technology options:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Computers and laptops
  • Specialized keyboards
  • Refreshable braille displays
  • Braille notetakers
  • Videophones or IP relay applications
  • Screen readers that convert printed text to speech output or braille characters
  • Screen magnification and enhancement software programs
  • Dictation programs

Adaptive Technology

Types of Equipment

The options can be overwhelming, but HKNC can help you find the right combination of tools for you. Most computers and smart devices have built-in accessibility features, but many people don’t know that they exist. Our instructors will show you how to take advantage of what the manufacturer pre-installed on your device, as well as tools for when universal design doesn’t meet your needs.

Adaptive technology generally falls into three categories.

  • Accessibility features that are part of the universal design of computers and mobile devices
  • Software, programs and accessories that can enhance the capabilities of standard equipment
  • Specialized equipment and services designed specifically for people with vision and hearing loss.

Beyond universal design

  • Universal design may not meet all your needs.
  • Identify software, applications and accessories that work in conjunction with your existing hardware and mobile devices to make them more accessible.