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The technology and training to help you meet your goals.

At Helen Keller Services for the Blind (HKSB), instructors will help you to identify the technological devices and software that best meet your needs and teach you how to use them. You’ll learn from experts in the field, including trainers who are blind or have vision loss — people who know firsthand the challenges you face.

How it Works

Hands-on Training in State of the Art Environments

Training is available at our Assistive Technology Centers (ATCs) in Brooklyn, Hempstead and Islandia, New York. HKSB also offers follow-up training and support via on-site tech services in the workplace.

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Technology Employment Achievement and Mastery (TEAM)

TEAM is designed for working-age adults who require further work-readiness skills in order to obtain employment and also offers a basic overview of Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint. TEAM contains a customer service training component utilizing an online customer service training program that teaches on-the-job skills such as conflict resolution, resolving customer disputes and effective communication techniques.

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Assistive Technology Centers (ATCs)

Featuring an array of equipment and software, these technology-rich environments are designed for one-on-one and small-group training, providing comfortable settings in which to explore mobile, desktop computing, and handheld technology.

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On-site/Virtual Training

Technology specialists provide customized training and support to give you the tools you need to meet challenges and thrive in the workplace.

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Program sponsorship is obtained through the New York State Commission for the Blind.

Assessment and Hands-on Training

Through discussions and a hands on assessment, your instructor will evaluate your current technology skills, including your proficiency with keyboarding and different adaptive technologies. This will help determine which tools might be useful to you in your career or academic pursuits. Working closely with your instructor, you’ll develop a training plan and an assistive equipment configuration tailored to your unique needs.

Everything you learn will have practical, real-world applications. Most training is conducted one-on-one to maximize personal attention. In some cases, there may be a combination of individual instruction and small-group sessions.

Equipment may include:

  • Magnification software
  • Optical character recognition software
  • Scanners
  • Text-to-speech screen reading software
  • Standard productivity software interface with accessibility programs

Follow-Up Technology Services

Make the transition to real-world settings.

If after completing your training you feel like you need additional support in order to put your new skills to work in a specific job setting, HKSB offers services to help you make a smooth transition from the supportive environment of the Assistive Technology Center to the workplace.

HKSB’s technology specialists can:

  • Assess your needs and abilities with regard to a particular position or situation
  • Make recommendations or take actions to resolve potential issues
  • Collaborate with IT staff at your company to interface assistive technology with existing systems

Follow-up services may include:

  • Device set-up and troubleshooting 
  • On-site equipment assessment
  • Refresher training or update training as new versions of products are introduced

How Can We Work Together?

Begin the conversation to discover how assistive technology training can help you achieve your goals.