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At HKNC, you’ll be part of a true adult learning community.  

Large group of people standing outside, wearing face masks, and signing “I love you” in front of Peter & Salmon Hall at Helen Keller Services headquarters

Your program will be tailored to your individual needs, and everything you learn will have practical, real-world applications.

You’ll work closely with a team of experts to identify your strengths and training needs, set goals for yourself and make a plan to achieve them.

Our residential program will enable you to immerse yourself in your training. Living on campus at our headquarters in Sands Point, New York, you’ll develop invaluable skills and strategies that will help you in every area of your daily life — from managing your home and communicating with loved ones to traveling safely and succeeding on the job.

Everything at the HKNC headquarters is designed with you in mind.

From the residence hall and the cafeteria to the computer labs and the herb garden, our campus is fully accessible and features the latest assistive equipment. We offer an array of recreational activities during the evenings and on weekends, including experiences that you won’t find anywhere but New York.

Group of people walking outside toward Peter & Salmon Hall at Helen Keller Services headquarters
A woman dressed in black signing to a man wearing a hearing aid and suit jacket. Both people are sitting in a room together

Interpreting Services

At HKNC, we provide interpreting support for all students, staff and visitors in their preferred mode of communication. Our staff are fully trained, experienced interpreters. They are skilled with specialized knowledge in and experience with interpreting for people who are DeafBlind, and they adhere to the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf’s Code of Professional Conduct.

Support Service Providers (SSPs)

Support service providers are specially trained guides who can make sure that you have all the facts you need to make good choices, relaying environmental information to you in your preferred language and communication mode. HKNC’s coordinator recruits and trains providers, and arranges for them to assist participants with activities in the communities surrounding HKNC headquarters and throughout the greater Long Island/New York City area.

A woman dressed in a black shirt signing to a man wearing a blue shirt. Both are standing up in a room

Contact your regional representative to learn more about HKNC assistance.

Amanda Graham at Beach

Success Story

Amanda Graham – O&M

Read about Amanda Graham’s positive experience learning the basics of orientation at mobility training at Helen Keller National Center.