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Group of men and women sitting on chairs and standing near table playing Uno in dorm building


When you arrive on campus, you’ll be welcomed by staff and other participants who will show you the ropes of dorm life. They’ll make sure you know about all the resources and activities that are available to you as a resident participant.

Your Space

You’ll live in a single dorm room with a private bathroom, which includes a stall shower, a sink and a toilet. There is a doorbell outside of every room. Some rooms have a buzzer and flashing light that go with this bell. There is also an alerting system that can be used in your room. All rooms and bathrooms are connected to a “nurse call” system, so you can alert staff in the event of an emergency.

Helen Keller National Services dorm bedroom showcasing a bed with a blue bedspread, a dark brown nightstand, a dark brown dresser, and a mirror

Tactually marked washers and dryers are located on the ground and the first floor of the Residence. All sheets and towels are supplied by HKNC, and housekeeping is available. Of course, if you’d rather do your own cleaning, supplies are available for your use. Periodic room checks are required by New York State Department of Health to ensure proper room temperature, plumbing, lighting, etc. 

On-campus apartments in the Residence are available to you during your training. The apartments include a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom. This is a training option available to you to advance your independent living skills.

You may have the option to move into one of HKNC’s off-campus studio apartments, where you’ll continue to receive support from HKNC staff as you enjoy a new level of independence.

On Campus and Community Activities

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You’ll never be bored on campus. Parties, game nights, art exhibits, workshops, conferences—the choice is yours. The monthly calendar of events is posted in the Residence in braille, large print, pictures, and can be accessed online. A paper copy also is circulated to each resident. Group activities take place every evening on weekdays and during day and evening hours on weekends and holidays.

Enjoy all that the neighboring town of Port Washington has to offer, including shopping, parks, waterfront activities, and casual and fine dining. Group outings are arranged by the recreation specialist and independent travelers can take advantage of weekly transportation offerings to catch a ride into town.

There are occasional excursions into New York City. A 25-mile train ride gets you right into the heart of the city, and from there, you can visit Times Square, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and other attractions.

Local activities include swimming, bowling, boat rides and trips to shopping malls and special festivals. Two favorites among participants are annual visits to an apple festival at a local deaf school and the Oyster Festival, which takes place in a nearby seaside Long Island town.

Trained volunteers and Support Service Providers are available to assist with community outings.

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Contact your regional representative to learn more about HKNC assistance.


The Residence offers Wi-Fi service and videophones to ensure that you can stay connected 24 hours a day. In the Residence Office, there are braille writers, radios, vibrating alarm clocks, irons and other devices that you can borrow.

Residence Building staffers are always willing to answer any questions you may have.

Resources that might be available:
  • Computers
  • Braille displays
  • Screen magnification
  • CCTVs
Group of men and women playing bingo and card games in a room

Residence Highlights:

  • Single rooms with private bathrooms
  • Wi-Fi, videophones and Internet access throughout the building
  • Lounge areas with large-screen TVs, satellite hook-up and DVD players
  • Closed-circuit TVs