Low-Vision Services

Low Vision Overview

A man and a woman sit on opposite sides of a desk. Between them are pieces of paper with different color circles on contrasting backgrounds.At HKNC, you’ll learn how to maximize your remaining vision.

Working in collaboration with an optometrist, HKNC’s low vision specialist will give you a thorough evaluation, checking your close-range and distance vision, visual fields and acuity. During the sessions that follow, you’ll discuss the nature of your vision loss and explore assistive devices and environmental modifications that might be useful in your particular situation.

The low vision specialist also can support you in the workplace, meeting with you on site to assess your needs in that setting and identify equipment and strategies that can help you to overcome the vision-related challenges you face on the job.

Visual Aids

You’ll have the opportunity to try out various visual aids, and you’ll receive one-on-one guidance to help you figure out which ones are best for you. Once you’ve identified the devices that meet your needs, the low vision specialist will give you training on how to use and care for them.

Visual aids include:

  • Magnifiers
  • Telescopes
  • Closed circuit television (CCTV)
  • Special lenses or glasses

Environmental Modifications

Sometimes it’s less about equipment and more about strategy. Our low vision specialist will suggest ways to work around challenges that you face in your daily routine. Simple things like changing the lighting in your home, using contrasting background colors or taking steps to minimize glare might make a real difference for you.

The more you understand how and why your vision is changing the better prepared you will be to compensate. Your sessions with the low vision specialist will give you invaluable insights, enabling you to use your remaining sight to your best advantage.


Programs are open to individuals who are deaf-blind as defined in the Helen Keller Act. Government funding often is available. Your regional representative can answer questions about admission requirements, transportation, funding sources and more.

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