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News 12: Kids of Camp Helen Keller Build Confidence One Step at a Time at Adventure Park

Newscaster: Dozens of kids took on a challenge while soaring through the air in Wheatley Heights. It was all part of Camp Helen Keller’s field trip to the adventure park. This summer program’s designed for children with visual or hearing impairments or for kids with autism. Campers navigated the zip lines and the rope courses to help build confidence.

Brendan Sweeney, camper: I was, I was a bit nervous before, but I did have fun. I was nervous when they said that we were zip lining at camp, but once I saw the video about, you know, how high it was and all that, I wasn’t too, too nervous.

Newscaster: All campers were provided a buddy with the park to help travel through those courses. [End of Transcript]

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