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Helen Keller’s low vision specialist is committed to maximizing the remaining vison of our patients to help them function independently at home and at work to enhance their quality of life.

Proof of legal blindness is required for admission. Services are free if you if you meet the eligibility requirements. Optical aids and adaptive equipment are also provided.

Nancy Musumeci, Outreach Coordinator: 516-758-2534 or

Low Vision Aids

Review low vision aids that help people read, write, cook and more! These are the types of vision aid products we can fit you for.

Eschenbach SmartLux Digital

A black portable video magnifier with 4 buttons on it

The SmartLux Digital is a revolutionary, portable video magnifier that has a Display that provides 5x, 7x, 9x, and 12x magnification.

Mobilux Hand Held Magnifiers by Eschenbach

2 grey and black hand-held magnifiers

These hand-held magnifiers feature bright LED illumination with 3 different illumination options. 

easyPOCKET Magnifier by Eschenbach

A black magnifier with a light on it

The easyPOCKET features a unique 50x46mm aspheric/ diffractive hybrid lens that is distortion-free and extremely thin.

Dome Magnifiers by Eschenbach

5 dome magnifiers

Dome magnifiers provide double the surface brightness and when used with reading glasses the magnification doubles at the same reading distance.

Eschenbach Max TV Glasses Distance Viewing

One pair of black and clear tv glasses

The Max TV provide 2x magnification and will focus on near objects with working distances of 16 inches. They are perfect for any near viewing activity where a magnified image is helpful.

Eschenbach Telescopic Glasses

A dark grey pair of telescopic glasses with a binocular system

This Eschenbach Galilean telescope for distance is available in a binocular system. Galilean systems are small, lightweight optical systems that offer a bright image. They consist of a plus objective lens and a minus ocular lens with a unique adjustable frame.

The Solar Shield® ClipFlip Filters

A bright yellow filter that clips onto glasses

The Solar Shield® ClipFlip filters are designed to clip onto patient’s existing eyewear to provide wrap-around glare protection and contrast improvement. They are available in three lens tint colors and block 100% of UVA/UVB light, improving contrast and creating a better viewing experience.

Jonathan Paul Fitovers

A pair of brown glasses with caramel-colored lenses

Designed specifically to seamlessly fit over prescription eyewear. All Glides Collection Fitovers feature Polarvue® lens technologies are polarized polycarbonate lenses, offering 100% protection from the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays, while delivering performance optics to support every aspect of your ever-changing, on-the-go lifestyle.

Yellow Tinted Glasses by Eschenbach

bright yellow tinted glasses with brown frames

Yellow Tinted Glasses by Eschenbach have contrasting-enhancing filters that are designed specifically for low vision individuals. The lenses block 100% UVA/UVB light and 100% visible light up to 450nm. They are available exclusively through eyecare and rehab professionals.

Optelec Traveller HD

A black portable magnifying reader with blue and orange buttons on each side of the screen

This portable CCTV magnifying reader has large buttons for a clear overview handling and a snapshot function (integrated memory for hundreds of images).

Miniframe Bifo by Eschenbach

a pair of clear eyeglasses

The MiniFrame Bifo is a unique pair of bifocals with two distinct segments designed for different focal lengths. Ideal for those patients who need a low-powered reader for normal text, but who need a pair of high-powered prismatic eyewear to read fine print.

UltraMag5 by Eschenbach

A black handheld magnifier being held in front of a picture frame. On the magnifier is an enlarged image of a photo of a young girl with a large light pink flower in her hair

The UltraMag 5 is a handheld electronic video magnifier that includes near-viewing, far-viewing and table reading modes. It can magnify images up to 30 times. A built-in Freeze-Frame feature allows you to capture any still image. Nine different viewing modes allow you to choose alternate color combinations.

The Mobilux by Eschenbach

A video magnifier with enlarged words and 3 buttons on the screen

The Mobilux® Digital Touch HD is a portable video magnifier featuring a 4.3” HD TFT LCD screen, anti-glare coating, and LED illumination. It has 5 contrast modes with magnification powers that range from 4x to 15x and include the middle range powers of 5x, 6x, 8x, and 10x.

Say When Liquid Level Indicator

An orange device with the words SAY When on it. A large battery is jutting out of the bottom of the orange device

Hang the Say When Liquid Level Indicator unit on the lip of your cup or glass to alert you when the liquid level nears the top. Convenient and pocket-sized at only 2-5/8″. Uses one 9-volt battery (included).

Big Button Telephone

A white telephone system with large buttons on the right side of the system

The Big Button Telephone stores 3 emergency numbers and 10 additional numbers. It allows you to speed dial people, has a speaker button, and flashes a light when the phone rings.

Swivel Vanity Mirror

A circular mirror  on a silver stand

This vanity mirror has a six-inch wide 10X magnification mirror on one side and a regular mirror on the other, offering convenience for low vision individuals. The mirror can be used for shaving, make-up application and tweezing.

Double Spatula

Two dark grey slotted spatulas joined at the base by a silver cube

This double spatula is a double turner and kitchen tongs in one! It is made of high-quality plastic and is ideal for non-stick pots and pans. The thumb mold on the handle ensures a safe grip.

Curve Talking Clock

A black clock with a large green button in front of the time screen. The button is labeled with the word Talking in front of it.

The Curve Talking Clock offers a smooth, curved design with 1/2 black numbers on an LCD display. This clock for low vision individuals includes an audio time report, hourly time announcement, adjustable volume, and an easy-to-set alarm.

Gold-Tone One Button Talking Watch

A gold wristwatch. The face of the watch is white with large black numbers on it and thick black hour and minute hands

This stylish Mens and Ladies Gold-Tone Low Vision Analog Talking Watch reads the time with a touch of a button in a male voice. Helpful for people with low vision and people in lowlight situations.

Desk-Top Talking Calculator

A dark grey desktop calculator with large buttons on it

This fully functioning calculator features a giant 8-digit display and a clear, easy to understand female voice. Other features include repeat, memory, auto power shut-off, and adjustable volume. Audio results may be given in either units or by digit depending on your preference.

Check Writing Guide

A black foldable device with rows of thick rectangles of various lengths cut out of it

This low vision pocket check writer makes check writing a breeze for those with low vision. It is pocket-sized for those who are always on the go. The low vision frame holds a standard check, size 2 3/4 x 6 inches. Write checks quickly and easily with this durable, plastic device.

Expresso Pen

A black pen with a clear cap on it. The pen says Liquid Fair on it.

The PaperMate Liquid Expresso Liquid Flair Pen has a medium point. Ultra-Smooth quick drying ink prevents smearing. Great for those with low vision. Durable porous plastic tip for smooth writing.

The Large Print Check Register

An open checkbook showing large print at the top and empty rows and columns on the pages

This print check register has 25 large pages for recording written checks and deposits in large, easy-to-read type.

20-20 Boldwriter Pen

An open black pen with a black tip and a white cap secured on the back of the pen. The pen says Reizen BoldWriter on it.

This ultra-bold pen for low vision individuals is easy to see with highly visible and smudge-free black ink. The pen has a grip that is great for seniors and those with dexterity issues.

Low Vision Writing Paper – Bold Line Paper

A white piece of paper with bold horizontal black lines on it

This double-sided bold line paper has lines on it that are vertically 3/4 inch apart. The pad is 8 1/2×11 inches with 100 sheets per pad.


Nancy Musumeci, Outreach Coordinator: 516-758-2534 or For more information, visit our Low Vision Services page.