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A group of Deloitte volunteers standing together with staff and participants at Helen Keller National Center.
Two CBS newscasters in front of a screen that shows 3 people looking at and touching an assistive technology device of a hand.
Tech Blitz information
People sit at a long table wearing blindfolds. There are plates of food, drinking glasses, and cloth napkins on the table.
hands surrounding a sphere that has numbers and lines in it
A newscaster speaking into a microphone and Santa sitting in the background holding a wrapped present near a Christmas tree
a man signing in a classroom next to a woman holding open a picture book
A newscaster looking into the camera, three adults doing sign language, and children sitting on the floor watching the adults
5 people standing next to each other and smiling while 2 of them hold an "I love you" sign sculpture.
3 people smiling and cutting a red ribbon that's across a staircase at the Helen Keller National Center
A man named Stuart Campbell talking into a News 12 microphone. He is holding a white cane and wearing an Islanders jersey.