Signs for Technology: An ASL Resource


Originally developed for HKNC’s Train the Trainers technology seminars, the Signs for Technology video series was designed to familiarize both participants and interpreters with the technical vocabulary that would be used during the seminars. After receiving positive feedback from users, HKNC staff recognized a wider need for knowledge of technical signs and concepts, and decided to make the tool available to the general public. This resource can benefit not only interpreters, but also anyone who works with the deaf-blind community or has a general curiosity about technology signs.

The signs presented in these videos are deaf-blind friendly, meaning that some traditional signs have been modified to be more visibly and tactually discernable.  

They should not be considered “standard” signs, nor are we suggesting that they be adopted by the entire signing community. However, many people have found them useful in the training setting. Most of the adapted signs were developed by Anindyya Bhattacharrya, a technology trainer at HKNC.

The series is designed to be fully accessible for blind and low-vision users. Each video contains a full transcript, and narrative descriptions of the physical sign production are available on this site.

Ways to Access the Signs

Technology Signs A-Z

Select a video by searching terms in alphabetical order. 

Video Transcripts

View or download a transcript of each video.

Transcriptions of Technology Signs

View or download detailed written descriptions of how to produce each sign. 

ASL Handshapes Described

Learn about the ASL terminology that is used in the series.

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