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    NDEAM Disability: Part of the Equity Equation

    Upcoming National Disability Employment Awareness Month Webinar On Oct 13Learn more

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    Webinar: Supporting Consumers Who Are DeafBlind Using QWERTY Keyboards on iOSRegister

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    HKNC Professional Learning Department (PLD) offers online courses for professionals working with individuals who are DeafBlind.Learn more

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    HKNC offers a Professional Learning and Leadership Institute (PLLI) for individuals who are DeafBlind seeking employment in the rehabilitation fieldLEARN ABOUT PLLI

Experience HKNC

Live. Live your life on your terms.

Work. Prepare for a great job, pursue your passion or devote yourself to a cause.

Thrive. Define success in your own way—and achieve it.

At HKNC, you'll find the training, resources and support to make all this possible

Our team of experts will work closely with you to develop an individualized action plan tailored to your needs and goals, and everything you learn will have practical, real world applications. One-on-one training, cutting-edge technology, hands-on learning and the opportunity to interact with people who know firsthand the challenges you face—it's all part of the HKNC experience.

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First Look: On-Campus Services

Video & Transcript

Overview of Services

HKNC Overview of Services

Students, family members and instructors talk about the life-changing training, programs and resources available at HKNC headquarters.

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Keep “connected” with what’s taking place at the Center and learn about things that are happening of interest to people who are DeafBlind.


Helen Keller National Center recently made the decision to replace the term “deaf-blind” with “DeafBlind” - language that is more consistent with that used by other national organizations and the DeafBlind community. This decision was made as a result of an anonymous survey of current DeafBlind staff, consumers and the HKNC Consumer Advisory Council. HKNC recognizes the value behind the term DeafBlind: That each person’s experience is unique and includes much more than his or her vision and hearing loss. HKNC continues to align its philosophy and services with this meaning and recognizes the community’s preference for the term DeafBlind.

Haptic Communication To Facilitate Braille Instruction For DeafBlind Adults

Two woman using haptic communicationThis presentation describes a research study designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of using Haptics during braille instruction.

Learn more

Virtual Comprehensive Vocational Rehabilitation Program (CVRP)

HKNC's CVRP is now virtual so you still have the opportunity to learn from peers and professionals and stay safe at home. Follow the link below to learn more about the program.

Learn about HKNC's Comprehensive Vocational Rehabilitation Program

Support Service Provider White Paper

This paper is the most comprehensive publication to date on SSPs. It includes information about the role of SSPs, how SSP services developed in the United States, what is currently known about how to establish and operate SSP programs and train SSPs, and challenges that exist in ensuring that high-quality SSP services are available in communities.

Available in Word and PDF

Zoom Video-Conferencing: Accessibility Practices for People who are DeafBlind

Video call of staffHKNC announces a new resource: Zoom Video-Conferencing: Accessibility Practices for People who are DeafBlind

Learn more about this exciting new resource

Employer Survey on Supervising Employees Who Are DeafBlind

At HKNC, we strive to provide excellent employment services to people who are deafblind. Understanding the information and training needs of employers is an important part of this process. If you have supervised an employee who is deafblind within the past two years, please help us by filling out our online survey. We also encourage you to pass along the survey link below to employers in your network.

Employer Survey

Resources for Consumers and Professionals during COVID-19

We have collected some resources we hope you find helpful in these unprecedented times. This page is updated frequently, so please be sure to check in regularly. Included are some resources about COVID-19 in English, Spanish, and ASL. Additionally, many individuals are working remotely or trying to continue consumer learning from home, and we have included a variety of resources (some for consumers and some for professionals). This is by no means a comprehensive list, but we hope you will find something for you or your clients. 

What We Offer

Now Offering:

The HKNC Professional Learning Department (PLD) offers online and hybrid courses. 

HKNC offers a Professional Learning and Leadership Institute (PLLI) for individuals who are DeafBlind seeking employment in the rehabilitation field.  

Check out HKNC’s expanded services.

Connect with those who live with, support and advocate for individuals who are DeafBlind: Family Engagement Initiative

HKNC Locations

HKNC operates a residential training facility at our headquarters in Sands Point, New York.

Check out our FAQs about training at HKNC headquarters.

Our national network of regional offices brings HKNC resources to your neighborhood.

HKNC Locations
Map of United States with pin points on all locations

National Registry

HKNC maintains a confidential national registry of people who are deafblind. The information we collect informs our research and program planning, and enhances our advocacy efforts.

National Registry

HKNC Voices

Woman sitting in front of braille display and keyboard

"I know what it's like to struggle to learn braille."

-Maricar, Instructor

Blonde woman smiling at camera

"Learning mobility gives you true independence"

-Adriana, Student

Man in sunglasses smiling at camera.

"My training has made me more of a complete person."

-Joey, Student

HKNC students tell their stories in their own words

Students at HKNC talk about their personal experiences while at the center.  Hear their stories in their own words. 

Click here to hear students talk about their personal growth and experience while at HKNC

DeafBlind Awareness Week 2022

DBAW 2022 Poster

Learn more