ADA Title II: Public Service



ADA Title 2

Title 2 covers public services that are provided by State and Local Governments. Title 2 ensures that all states and cities, regardless of their size, resources, and budgets, make their services accessible to people with disabilities. Cities and states are mandated to make sure people with disabilities have equal access to their programs and services. Services include public education, civil service jobs, public transportation, government sponsored events, hospitals and health care, social services, the courts, elections, town halls, etc. All of these services must be accessible to people with disabilities. As a more concrete example, if the city decides to construct a new building or is renovating an old building they must follow the ADA's architectural guidelines to ensure the building is physically accessible. If there was to be an event held on the second floor, but there is no elevator in the building, the event would have to be moved to the first floor, making it accessible to everyone. However, there are some exemptions. If the government can prove that the accommodation requested is too pricey, they can be exempted from providing it. The United States Department of Justice, DOJ, is responsible for overseeing and enforcement of Title 2. If you experience discrimination as related to a public service, you can file a complaint with the DOJ. Alternatively, you can file a lawsuit with local, state, and federal courts. As with the EEOC, you have 180 days from the date of discrimination to file a complaint.