“My name is Cindy Liu, and I am a visually impaired rising senior at LaGuardia High School. I enrolled in the SAT program at Helen Keller Services for the Blind this past year and saw tremendous changes to my SAT score. We would meet individually with instructors for around an hour and a half weekly, and around 2 hours with the class as a whole. The individualized work helped me to pinpoint areas that I would often get wrong, which helped to strengthen my score overall. Moreover, the instructors are very flexible with their schedule, making group and individual meetings very easy to manage. There are also accommodations available for those who use text-to-talk programs and are visually impaired. The course thoroughly covers the topics in the exam, starting from basic functions to more difficult ones. I took my first SAT in April, nearing the end of the program, and got 1450, a score I am quite content with. I highly recommend this program to anyone hoping to make significant progress in their SAT score.”
-Cindy Liu

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