“I lost my vision over a few weeks in Spring of 2021. Navigating my “New Normal” was a challenge. Initially I was lost and did not know where to turn with basic life functions, unable to work, drive, pay bills, get to the store. With those challenges came emotional and mental challenges as well. Even though friends were helping me, I often felt alone in this new world trying to navigate. I was invited by Helen Keller to join the Adjustment to Blindness Group where I met others with similar challenges. It was comforting knowing that others were often feeling the same way. The group had a great mix of people, all from different backgrounds and different stages of their vision loss. We would discuss the physical and emotional issues we felt and gave each other our experiences. Instead of being embarrassed of walking into my first glass door I saw it as a rite of passage. The others in the group gave me the courage to think that way. The best part, I believe I made a few lifelong friends.” -Alicia Berwind

Alicia has been working with HKSB since the fall of 2021. After beginning services, she was able to return to work with her previous employer.

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