Last year was quite an adventure for Ms. Farah, but then due to her outgoing and determined personality, every day is an adventure. Due to her confident stride, you might not realize that Ms. Farah is visually impaired, until you hear the tap of her white cane. We first met Ms. Farah as a teenager in our Bridges Pre-vocational program. She then graduated from high school and participated in our Foundations Program for first time jobseekers and those who have been out of the workforce for over 3 years. Afterwards she completed Assistive Technology and Orientation and Mobility training, which prepared her for her first Work Experience Training and employment.

Ms. Farah has a love of all things that are fashionable, so when an opportunity at Savers in the production department became available, she interviewed for the position of production assistant and is now a part of the production team. She prepares the clothing to be assigned a price tag by placing each item on a hanger and then sorting varied clothing items on a rack. Savers’ Store Manager, Michael Lees, believes in inclusion, and this is apparent when you first step into Savers: there are one-of-a-kind items, a warm and welcoming staff and some unique item for everyone who shops at Savers.

As you can judge by Ms. Farah’s smile, best-first-job-ever, Ms. Farah’s adventures and amazing growth continue on. In the photo shown on this page, Savers and Store Manager, Michael Lees receive the local NDEAM award presented by Doreen Nobile, Business Relations Representative Access-VR. The other people in the photo are Ms. Farah, Savers’ Employee and Erica Amaya, her HKSB Employment & Training Specialist.

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