By Helen Keller Services

June 11, 2024

Thank you to members of Deloitte for volunteering at Helen Keller National Center during their National Day of Service “Impact Day” on June 7, 2024. 

Dozens of Deloitte professionals joined DeafBlind participants and staff at HKNC to help beautify our Sands Point campus. Together we planted vibrant flowers, laid mulch throughout garden beds, weeded the grounds, and revitalized the walking track used by participants. Staff, participants, and Deloitte volunteers worked together as a team and truly transformed our campus. 

Deloitte professionals connected for their National Day of Service in more than 1,200 social impact projects across 100 US cities to help create positive change and drive progress toward a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

“We have to work together because I can’t see what’s in front of me,” said Maricar Marquez, Supervisor, Independent Living at Helen Keller National Center. Maricar is Blind and Deaf and communicates through tactile sign language. “Other individuals let me know the information, like what color a flower is, and we work as a team. That’s really the point of this event.”

“It’s important to give back to the community,” said Brian Leibman, with Deloitte. “We’re privileged to work at Deloitte, and we want to serve the community to help in whatever way we can. It’s an important mission for the firm.”

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