Become a Support Service Provider

Become an SSP at HKNC

Support service providers, commonly referred to as SSPs, can play an important role in the lives of people with combined vision and hearing loss. As an SSP, you’ll work with DeafBlind individuals to navigate community outings, providing them with visual and/or aural information to enable them to fully access their environments in order to make their own informed decisions.

HKNC recruits and trains SSPs, and arranges for them to assist students with activities in the communities surrounding HKNC headquarters in Sands Point, New York, and throughout the greater Long Island/New York City area. Students identify activities of interest, ranging from running errands to sightseeing, and are matched with an SSP for each outing.

You are welcome to contribute as much time as you can. Individual activities range from one hour to eight hours to complete. HKNC requires that you provide 24 hours of service per year.

What are the benefits for SSPs?

Your SSP experience will no doubt be rewarding on a personal level; it also may serve to enhance your professional development.

As an SSP, you’ll build new skills, and you’ll have the opportunity to work with people of diverse cultural and communication backgrounds.

HKNC's comprehensive training program encompasses a broad range of activities, projects and settings, providing a wealth of opportunities for you to find assignments that match your skills and interests.

Who can become an SSP?

To become an SSP, you must be at least 18 years of age and reside in New York (preferably on Long Island or in New York City. You’ll be required to participate in one of the six-hour orientation sessions that are offered at HKNC three-to-four times a year. Your orientation will give you a general overview of HKNC services and other important aspects of working with people who are DeafBlind.

Application Information

To learn more or to obtain an SSP application, please contact Eileen Ward, recreation habilitation specialist, at or 516-944-8900, ext. 401 (voice mail), or Tom Burke, residence coordinator, at or 516-944-8900, ext. 219.