Suggested Activites

You can celebrate Deaf-Blind Awareness Week in many ways:

Write to your local legislator – Congressperson, Mayor, Governor, Town Supervisor or other elected official. Ask for a Proclamation declaring June 25 to July 1, 2017 as DEAF-BLIND AWARENESS WEEK and suggest a photo session with people who are deaf-blind.

Honor business owners who have hired people who are deaf-blind or provided some type of “work experience” in the community.  Write an article about them or invite them for a special breakfast at your office!

Write an article about people who are deaf-blind living and working in your area.  Place these articles, letters to the editor or any photos you’ve taken and send them to your local and city newspapers, newsletters and journals.

You can offer your staff as guests or experts to the local media or business association meetings being held in June.  Don’t forget to offer tours of your facility!

Use your website or any other social media accounts to showcase special events, articles you’ve written, photographs you’ve taken and information about deaf-blindness, including President Ronald Reagan’s original proclamation (LINK).  Provide a link to our website –!  Distribute and display the 2017 Poster.

For further information, contact HKNC’s Development Department, 141 Middle Neck Road, Sands Point, New York, 11050; 516-833-8310 (VOICE), 516-944-8637 (TTY), 516-944-7302 (FAX), email or check out our website –