Staff Directory by Department


Anthony Anastasio

Sharona Hebroni

Nimisha Shah


Dora Carney

Chris Woodfill


Carol Hamer

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Case Management

Valerie Chmela

Susan Matuozzi

Allan Santiago

Jamie Schagat

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Communications Learning Center (CLC)

Department Supervisor
Peggy Costello

Rosemary Kurtz

Kimberly Mockler

Garwin Posner

Pamela Rothman

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CA-Community Services Program (CA-CSP)

Department Supervisor
Chad Metcalf

Wendy Chouinard

Susanne Hogan

Sabrina Vieira de Vasconcelos

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NY-Community Services Program (NY-CSP)

Department Supervisor
Debbie Fiderer

Nancy Carazo

Tammie Christian

Shereen Duplessis

Elaina Gasparino

Lisa Mildeberger

Angela Sausa

Kyle Mcevoy

Bentley Posner

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DeafBlind Immersion Experience (DBIE)

Michael Richards

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DeafBlind Specialists

Laurie McBride

Corinne Miller

Leah Newmann

Jonathan Pringle

David Volper

Ryan Odland 

Aaron Waheed 

Laura Benge

James Poteet

Karlee Wascher​

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Development & Marketing

Marina Caroll

Jasmin Kaur 

Human Resources

Ivy Hidalgo

Christina Marshall

Mia Murro

Independent Living

Department Supervisor
Maricar Marquez

Lucia Trupin

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Information, Research and Professional Development (IRPD)

Department Director
Stacey Sullivan

Allison Burrows

Megan Conway

Ryan Lensman

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Department Supervisor
Kathy Anello

Jamie Forman

Patrick Mullen

Elizabeth Mundy

Erin Quinn

Jessica Stephenson

Ilissa Sternlicht

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Low Vision Services

Melida Johnson

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Medical Services

Peg Herzberg

Carol Petrilli

Department mailbox

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Mental Health Services

Lisa Catanzaro

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National Center on DeafBlindness (NCDB)

Department Supervisor
Samuel Morgan

Michael Fagbemi

Allan Santiago

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National Family Association of the Deaf-Blind (NFADB) / CHARGE Syndrome Foundation (CHARGE)

National Family Association of the Deaf-Blind (NFADB)

CHARGE Syndrome Foundation (CHARGE)

NY-Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program (DBEDP)

Mary Ross

Bryan Ward

Orientation & Mobility

Department Supervisor
Monica Godfrey-Lehrer

Peter Cohen

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Karyn Lee

Regional Representatives

Director of Field Services
Laura Thomas

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Tom Burke

Sonia Hernandez

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Older Adult Program

Meredith Chillemi

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Megan Dausch

Don Horvath

Robert Pena

Bill Spagnuolo

Rachel Cangelosi

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Technology, Research, and Innovation Center (TRIC)

Scott Davert

Technology Development/Training Specialist

Anindya Bhattacharyya

Vocational Services

Department Supervisor
Kathy Mezack

Nadea Armogan

Allie Galletti

Rianja Rasandy

Learn more about Vocational Training