HKNC DeafBlind National Community of Practice

HKNC DeafBlind National Community of Practice 

The HKNC DeafBlind National Community of Practice (DB NCOP) has been established as a collaborative working group of agencies committed to maximizing resources and enhancing services with and for DeafBlind individuals. The DB NCOP looks to strengthen relationships among these agencies and increase opportunities for services and supports available on the local and state level to the DeafBlind community across the country.

What is a Community of Practice?

Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and who interact regularly to learn how to do it better. 
         ~Etienne Wenger

The HKNC DeafBlind National Community of Practice is a network of agencies throughout the country who are committed to learning, sharing information and expertise, developing resources and competencies and creating best practices with and for DeafBlind individuals. 

HKNC DeafBlind NCOP Members are Committed to:

  1. Attending a quarterly national call during which we share information, new developments and partnerships
  2. Communicating regularly about developments, new initiatives and issues that have impact upon the DeafBlind community within our own programs or states through email, subcommittee participation and national calls
  3. Developing and maximizing educational, vocational and independent living services within our agencies
  4. Participating in shared learning opportunities, including developing and sharing strategies and information regarding best practices 
  5. Contributing to HKNC’s national/international electronic newsletter CONNECT! by highlighting state/local services and initiatives
  6. Supporting HKNC’s national employment initiatives, including mentoring opportunities
  7. Supporting HKNC’s national initiatives in reaching and serving senior adults, age 55 and better
  8. Contributing to the National Registry of Persons who are DeafBlind maintained by HKNC
  9. Sharing information with consumers regarding the array of services available including the HKNC comprehensive vocational rehabilitation program as well as community, state and other national resources
  10. Participating in innovative and collaborative research efforts and sharing data/results
  11. When desired by consumer, participating as a team member with the consumer completing training at HKNC

HKNC DeafBlind National of Community Practice Partner Websites

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National Community of Practice Resources

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How Can My Agency Apply?

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Contact Information:

Applications can be sent to:

Information, Research and Professional Development
c/o Giovanna Love
141 Middle Neck Road
Sands Point, NY 11050