Campus Life

Campus Life Overview

At HKNC, deaf-blind individuals enjoy a fully accessible campus featuring the latest assistive equipment and an array of recreational activities.

From specialized computer labs to tactually marked elevators to the Sensory Garden, you’ll find all the amenities, resources and support you need to feel safe and secure as you put your new skills to the test and expand your social circles.

Group activities are planned on weekday evenings and on weekends and holidays, including experiences that you won’t find anywhere but New York.

Woman sniffs flowers in Sensory Garden

The Grounds

Woman and a man signing to each other on a path. Behind them, a man leans against a tree checking his mobile device. Further back, two women and a guide dog stand in front of steps that lead into a building.Located on 25 acres on Long Island’s picturesque North Shore, the campus is beautifully landscaped. Its three buildings are connected by tree-lined walkways, and there are plenty of spots to stop and enjoy nature. Flowering fruit trees and beautiful shrubs and bushes abound, and the Sensory Garden gives you the opportunity to touch, smell and taste a variety of herbs.

Our quarter-mile circular track has a railing guide, making it an ideal spot for a walking, jogging or even taking a ride with fellow students on our unique bicycle built for seven. If indoor exercise is more to your liking, we have a gym with adaptive equipment.

People walking down tree-lined pathThe campus also fosters a welcoming environment for dog guides, including a designated “parking” area with three different surfaces – cement, gravel and grass – to accommodate the dogs’ preferences as well as an enclosed dog run.

Our Neighborhood

The campus is situated just two miles north of the town of Port Washington. With parks, a dock overlooking the boats on Manhasset Bay, clothing stores, beauty salons, a movie theater, a public library and more, the town offers ample opportunities for exploration and relaxation.

Port Washington is well known for its variety of ethnic restaurants – you can get Italian, Greek, Indian, Thai, French, Mexican as well as American cuisine. If you like seafood, there are several restaurants on Manhasset Bay that have fresh fish on the menu.

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for in town, the Port Washington branch of the Long Island Railroad offers a direct connection to the excitement of New York City.

Transportation from the campus into town can be arranged, and volunteers and staff members are available to accompany students who are not able to travel to these sites independently.

Man placing an order at the counter of a fast-food restaurant

Student Activities

Students on a bicycle built for sevenYou’ll learn a lot during your time at HKNC, but it’s not all work. You can take part in a variety of recreational activities, ranging from parties and game nights to boat rides and trips to New York City.

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Residence Life

In the Residence Building, students live in single dorm rooms with private bathrooms. Support from residence staff is available at the push of a button. You’ll also enjoy access to the latest in assistive technology and telecommunications, including a specialized computer lab, CCTVs, video phones and Wi-Fi. Depending on your goals and skill level, you may have the opportunity to move from a dorm room to one of our on- or off-campus apartments.

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