“With only a week at HKNC and new to using a cane, I hoped to learn the basics of O&M skills. The experience far exceeded anything I could have expected. Peter worked with me for all the necessary skills to get around safely: basic techniques, stairs, obstacles, crossing streets, finding a line to follow, and an awareness of my surroundings while taking in clues for orientation and other information within a specific environment. We even went to the beach to try the Dakota tip on sand!

“But don’t let the beach walk fool you; this was an intense week and Peter was very generous with his time and giving me the benefit of his many years of experience. His manner is gentle and adaptable to each student’s needs, but he’s also very professional and knowledgeable. He clearly enjoys what he does and his passion and enthusiasm are contagious. On my last evening, Peter had me out after dinner doing more work on stairs, fire escapes and orienting in low light conditions. This went over and above anything I could have expected.

“Back home, I’m enjoying the new freedom of getting around more efficiently and independently. However, the biggest gift is the confidence I feel in my new abilities. I’m most grateful to Peter, Monica and HKNC, and hope to return to build on my skills as I become more adventurous!” -Amanda Graham

Amanda Graham standing outside in the sand near the water while holding a white cane
Amanda Graham smiling

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