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New Resource: Confident Living with Hearing and Vision Technology: A Resource for Older Adults with Combined Hearing and Vision Loss

A DeafBlind woman in her 60s smiles while on a laptop that is open to a Helen Keller Services web page. Next to the laptop is a braille display.

Resource Description

Are you an older adult or a family member of an older adult who is experiencing combined hearing and vision loss? If so, this resource is designed to provide you with information and guidance about how technology can help you with everyday life.

Explore how adaptive devices, software and simple apps can optimize remaining hearing and/or vision or provide access in an alternative mode to help the older adult navigate everyday tasks. Current technologies are user-friendly, and many can be accessed without purchasing new equipment.

Through this resource you will:

  • Better understand hearing and vision loss so that you may best identify your needs.
  • Develop an awareness of technology that is currently available and may be helpful.
  • Understand the roles of various providers of services that can help with choosing and obtaining technology.

This resource was generously funded by the Consumer Technology Association

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