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Our online training modules offer maximum flexibility, enabling you to balance your studies with your work and family obligations. You can complete your classwork at home, at the time of day that makes the most sense for you. Courses are available in both English and Spanish.

NEW Course

Remaining Current in the DeafBlind World

Helen Keller National Center is pleased to offer “Remaining Current in the DeafBlind World. This module is geared toward professionals who work with or support individuals who are DeafBlind but can also be beneficial for family, friends and anyone interacting with a person with a combined vision and hearing loss.

Someone holding a small handheld display that shows large text
Introduction to DeafBlind
A woman signing I Love You and wearing a work shirt while surrounded by piles of white towels
Dos personas sostienen un pequeño objeto amarillo; una de las personas también sostiene un bastón


Comunicación Inclusiva

ACVREP CE Horas: 1

Una persona sostiene un pequeño dispositivo de mano que muestra texto en tamaño grande
Un hombre utiliza un dispositivo de Braille y una mujer utiliza señales táctiles con un hombre parado cerca de ella.

Introduction to DeafBlind

Introducción a la sordoceguera y etologías (Introduction to Deaf-Blindness and Etiologies)

CRC CE Horas: 2.0
ACVREP CE Horas: 2.0

Dos hombres se tocan mutuamente las manos
Una mujer toca a otra mujer en la espalda con tres dedos
A person using a braille display with an iPhone


Ensuring Equal Access and Participation

CRC CE Hours: 2.0
ACVREP CE Hours: 2.0

A collage of four images showing a boy holding of a drawing in a sketchbook, two men touching hands and doing tactile sign, a woman and a man touching hands and doing tactile sign, and a woman running outside
Two men touching a blender in a kitchen

Introduction to DeafBlind

Personal Futures Planning

ACVREP CE Hours: 1.0

A woman and girl doing tactile sign

Introduction to DeafBlind

Working with Individuals Who Are DeafBlind: A Course for Mental Health Professionals

NASW CE Hours: 4.0
CRC CE Hours: 4.0

A man signing with a woman on a video call

Introduction to DeafBlind

VRS Training: Working with Individuals Who are DeafBlind

No Course Credits

Group of people sitting around a conference table


The Team Approach

ACVREP CE Hours: 0.5