Summary and analysis of data on the U.S. population of people with combined hearing and vision loss compiled by request of HKNC March/April, 2021 by Marisa Rafal and Megan Henly of the University of New Hampshire’s Institute on Disability. Percentage comparisons significant at the p<.0001. Extracted from the American Community Survey 2019 5-year and 1-year data, via IPUMS at the University of Minnesota. A person with “combined hearing and vision/dual sensory loss,” for the purposes of these data summaries, refers to people who self-reported “yes” on the American Community Survey to BOTH of the following questions: (1) Is this person deaf or does he/she have serious difficulty hearing? (2) Is this person blind or does he/she have serious difficulty seeing even when wearing glasses? 

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Publications, Presentations and Reports

Survey Data Summary Report

“Individuals with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss: Data from the 2019 American Community Survey,” 2021, M. Conway

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