Guidelines for Respectful Interactions with DeafBlind Individuals

Two women are standing in a kitchen. The woman on the left has her hand on the other woman’s hand, tracking. The woman on the right is signing “go”.

Through concise text and insightful video demonstrations, this resource offers practical guidance on approaching, communicating, and interacting with DeafBlind individuals, ensuring that interactions are respectful, enjoyable, and conducive to full and equal participation.

Understanding basic information about accessibility and supporting the full participation of people who are DeafBlind is important for anyone who is working with, living with and/or supporting a person with a combined hearing and vision loss. Knowing how to provide visual and environmental information is critical in ensuring that a person who is DeafBlind has access to the information they need to make decisions and interact with their environment on their own terms. Feeling comfortable with the social norms relating to approaching, communicating, and interacting with people who are DeafBlind ensures that interactions are respectful, enjoyable and that the person who is DeafBlind can participate fully and equally.

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