Services for Seniors

Services for Seniors 

HKS offers an array of specialized services and resources designed to help people age 55 and over who are blind, have low vision or combined vision and hearing loss to live as independently as possible. Let us help you develop the skills and strategies you need to manage your home, travel safely, enjoy leisure activities, take advantage of technology and more.

Explore our offerings and choose the program that’s right for you:

HKSB’s Adaptive Living Program

  • Low vision eye care and training in orientation and mobility, and daily living skills for seniors with vision loss
  • Available at our Hempstead, Islandia and Brooklyn locations and through community-based field services in the New York City/Long Island area
Learn More About the Adaptive Living Program

HKNC’s Confident Living Program

  • Five-day program covering the basics of living with combined vision and hearing loss 
  • Available in Sands Point, New York, and “on the road” at various locations around the country
Learn more about the Confident Living Program. 

HKNC’s National Services for Senior Citizens

  • Training opportunities, referrals, consultation and advocacy for senior citizens experiencing combined vision and hearing loss
  • Available across the United States
Learn more about National Services for Senior Citizens