Miriam's Success Story


Miriam talks about her success while at HKNC



Miriam Success Story

Miriam's Story. Helen Keller National Center 

Video image description: A closeup of a woman signing into the camera. The hands of her tactile sign language interpreter seated next to her are present in some of the frames.

Hello, my name is Miriam and I'm from a town just outside of Greenville, South Carolina. I came to the Helen Keller National Center to improve my independent living skills and increase my confidence. I've had a few opportunities to come to HKNC before. The first, at age 18 for an eight-week evaluation and then again at age 24 for more in-depth training, and I had an opportunity to learn a lot of new skills.

I think the best thing that I've learned so far has to do with living independently, living in the real world. Independently, can prove to be quite challenging. I'm practicing now how to live in an apartment on my own and all it entails; paying bills, budgeting, time management, finding that home/work balance. It's quite a challenge, but such a tremendous experience.

I would like to become a computer programmer. I have a lot of experience in this field and am now focusing on the soft skills needed for success, and I'm picking up more and more tips each day. I can appreciate now the knowledge and effort it takes to be successful in the workplace, and it's tough.

As for future aspirations, as I mentioned, I would like to be a computer programmer, perhaps develop a flexible, accessible, user-friendly piece of software that could enhance people's lives.

I generally have a good attitude, and I hope that as a role model, I might inspire people. People can be successful, and I hope that I've shown that through my successes.