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Free for all DeafBlind Youth

Please contact your HKNC regional representative for a coupon code. Find your regional representative at: https://www.helenkeller.org/hknc/nationwide-services or contact PLD@hknc.org.

This training is based on HKNC’s course entitled Pre-Employment Transition Services, by Debbie Fiderer. The content has been uniquely designed for DeafBlind youth who are in the planning process of transitioning from youth to adult services. The presenter, Chris Tester, a certified deaf interpreter, contributed to the format and language to ensure its accessibility for this population. We speak directly to DeafBlind youths and address their challenges and questions on this topic.

Our goal is to provide information and resources that will assist DeafBlind youth in preparing for future employment. Topics such as starting early, understanding your rights, understanding the differences between youth and adult services, job exploration and how to effectively advocate are addressed.

This course, like all of our courses, is created to be as accessible as possible. The presentation is in American Sign Language with voice interpretation. Image descriptions are provided as well as closed captioning, and transcripts.

FREE for DeafBlind youth – Please contact your Regional Rep for a coupon code