By Chris Boyle,
August 15, 2023

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Helen Keller Services (HKS), a national non-profit working with individuals who are blind, have low vision, are DeafBlind and/or have combined hearing-vision loss to live, work and thrive, have partnered with The Art Guild, located in Manhasset, NY, to present “Journey Through Touch: A Tactile Art Experience” from Friday, August 4 to Friday August 18, 2023 at The Art Guild, located at 200 Port Washington Blvd. in Manhasset, NY 11030.

The exhibition features paint, sculpture and other types of art created by DeafBlind individuals from Helen Keller National Center’s art program. The exhibit is sponsored by the Hearts of Port Washington

“We explore what art is besides what it looks like,” said Antonia Isnardi, Sr. Instructor, Creative Arts, HKNC. “It’s the process, exploring different tools with their hands, based on touch or self-expression, instead of what makes art ‘good’ or ‘bad.’” 

This unique exhibit focuses on the sense of touch, where visitors will be able to feel the shapes and textures that bring these creations to life. Each piece carries a unique narrative. 

“This is the first of its kind for The Art Guild,” said Lisa Grossman, Executive Director, The Art Guild. “We’ve never had a complete exhibit from one group of artists and certainly not one where the artists are blind or have vision loss.” 

“My parents were musicians since I was born. My mom plays organ at church, my father played guitar. I’ve loved music since I was little, when I was a teen,” said Antwan Williamson, who created a clay on canvas sculpture of a stage decorated with musical instruments for the show. “I bought a guitar and took lessons. The teacher showed me the chords step-by-step, and I learned very fast. I’m rusty now, but it is my goal to learn again.” 

“This was the first time I made art with seashells. It was very fun,” said Brittany Houghton, whose work “Seashells” is a 16”x20” easel mounted 3D painting. “I feel happy and satisfied when I go to the beach with my mom.” 

“I wanted to show my first love, photography, and replicated the experience tactually. I wanted to show my blind friends my photography from my visit to Italy and I wanted others to experience it,” said Monica Menier, whose piece “When in Verona” recounts her travels. “I was meticulous and thoughtful when picking my materials for low vision/blind people. Art is new to me and it has taught me patience.” 

The Art Guild is open on weekends from 1 to 5 pm and Monday through Thursday from 10am to 5pm. The exhibit runs through Thursday August 17. 

About The Art Guild 

The Art Guild of Port Washington, Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing encouragement, education and a forum for the appreciation of the visual arts. The Guild seeks to offer residents from local and neighboring communities an avenue to broaden their creative pursuits by striving to:

  • Encourage. Encouragement to artists and craftspeople through collaboration and interaction
  • Educate. Educational opportunities, workshops, lectures and discussion groups
  • Explore. An art facility where residents can come to broaden their creative experiences
  • Exhibit. A forum in which the community can appreciate the visual arts through exhibits and community projects

It is an organization open to all people with a common goal to advance the visual arts.

About Helen Keller Services:

Helen Keller Services’ mission is to enable individuals who are blind, DeafBlind and/or have combined hearing-vision loss to live, work and thrive in their community of choice. HKS offers services and programs through two divisions: Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults and Helen Keller Services for the Blind. For more information, please visit Follow HKS on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTubeLinkedIn, and TikTok.  

Original article on’s website

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