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Jovan Campbell

Learn about Jovan Campbell's positive and enriching experience and story about her time building skills in the TEAM program.

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My name is Jovan Campbell, I completed the TEAM Program in December 2020. I was one of 12 students in the TEAM Pilot program. This was the key that opened the door to my future. In this program I learned everything that the TEAM Program represents: Technology, Employment, Achievement and Mastery. I obtained the Technological skills to return to college, after leaving 14 years ago due to my vision loss. I always wanted to return but didn’t have the necessary tools to do so.

On June 2, 2023, I will graduate with honors with a degree in public health. In July, I will start an internship with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The employment strategies I learned in TEAM provided me with the confidence to conduct a successful interview for the position of my dreams. Every day I use academic knowledge to complete assignments that have led to my honors status. I’ve gained a sense of mastery that allows me to be co-founder of my non-profit organization, named One Heart One Vision (OHOV) where I provide community support, service and empowerment to blind and low vision women, from all over the country. Although OHOV focus is on women, it also provides some support to men.

Thanks to the TEAM Program, I mastered the technique of crisis resolution. 8 weeks after class started, Covid-19 reared its head. The entire program had to be retrofitted for virtual learning. Instructors and students alike adjusted to virtual learning, via Zoom. At times it was necessary to troubleshoot, usually there wasn’t a quick fix. Virtual learning provided me countless opportunities to practice problem solving. As a result, I gained the virtue of patience and understanding.

Marcia and Gus were my instructors, they were extremely instrumental in my successful completion of The TEAM Program. The skills I’ve obtained continue to contribute to my success as a Co-founder, student and as a future public health professional. I use Word to write term papers and make flyers for OHOV. Excel allows me to create charts for science class and budgets to apply for grants for my organization.

Many of my professors use PowerPoint to display their notes. I can read these notes and create presentations for OHOV. The employment techniques from my TEAM classes assisted me in a public speaking class. Academically I get good grades on exams and quizzes, due to keyboard commands and shortcuts I learned in TEAM.

Currently I’m taking online classes because I’ve mastered many aspects of Zoom. It gives me the expertise to host support groups and workshops. The TEAM Program is the gift that keeps on giving. I will continue to utilize these gifts to open doors and break down barriers that others set for blind and low vision individuals.

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