Mission & Value Statement


Helen Keller ServicesĀ enables individuals who are blind, DeafBlind, have vision loss, or hearing and vision loss to live, work and thrive in the communities of their choice.

Value Statement

Our core values guide our work and performance as we deliver our HKS mission. We value diversity and are committed to equality. We embrace an environment where teamwork is paramount, we promote respect, accountability, transparency and integration. We strive for excellence through innovation and our commitment to accessibility. We are dedicated to working with each person achieving their desired goals towards independence, employment and quality of life based on their talents, preferences and aspirations.

Accessibility Statement

Accessibility is a foundational value of HKS and a priority of our organization. At HKS, we strive to ensure our products, services and facilities are usable by as many people as possible, including persons with disabilities. We believe that everyone has a right to access, and we recognize that access needs vary for everyone.

We are committed to elevating awareness of accessibility inside and outside of HKS. We are committed to perpetually improving our digital, environmental, and attitudinal accessibility, and we consider accessibility in all of our processes and decisions at HKS.

Watch theĀ Accessibility Statement Video