Haptics Video 7



How Haptics has Impacted my Life

Video transcript

Video image description: A close up of a woman signing into the camera.

As a deaf-blind person, who is culturally Deaf, I was amazed at the impact Haptics has made on my life as I was losing my vision.  It has filled in the gaps of information that have been missing for so long...in social situations, on the job, and everyday life.  I really cannot emphasize enough how much the use of Haptics through touch has enhanced my life in terms of information I’ve gotten from my husband, family, friends, interpreters, SSPs and colleagues in my everyday life.

As an active theatre goer, I now not only rely on the tactile American Sign Language interpreter who provides me access to the dialogue of the actors but with the addition of a Haptic communicator providing information on my back, I am able to envision the show more holistically so that I can see the whole setting.   It thoroughly enhances my understanding and enjoyment of the production.

I now use Haptics more consistently in my work as an instructor while working with students.  Socially, in one-on-one settings it affords me the ability to converse in real time.   The analogy that comes to mind is that life before Haptics is like talking to a wall.  The wall is my vision loss, my inability to see the person I’m talking to.  Communication is static, dry, just words.  Haptics tears down the wall and allows me to “see” all that I’ve been missing; the benefit is astounding.