Technology Assessment Video Series

The Technology Assessment Video is a five-part instructional video series focused on providing training and support to technology trainers who are working with people who are deaf-blind in an assessment or training situation. This project is in direct response to a critical need in the field of deaf-blindness for technology trainers who understand how to effectively assess and train individuals who are deaf-blind.

In this video series we offer tips and strategies to meet the unique needs of the deaf-blind population. As you watch the series, keep in mind that each person you work with is unique.  This series will not provide you with a "one size fits all" solution.  Rather than giving you a prescribed set of rules to follow, we will provide you with tips and tricks that will help you identify the best piece of equipment to recommend; whether it is a simple, low-cost phone amplifier or an advanced piece of technology such as a Braille Notetaker.  After watching this series you will be more adept at identifying the needs of each consumer and recommending the right piece of equipment.

Links to various resources to assist an assessor in the assessment process will be provided.  These include:

  • An Assessment Kit Checklist: a list of items/equipment that an assessor should have on hand when conducting a technology assessment on an individual who is deaf-blind
  • NDBEDP Assessment Template: a template identifying all the necessary information and observations that a technology assessor must collect to complete a successful assessment
  • Sample Report/Template: A guide for writing the perfect assessment report.

Video Modules:

Technology Assessment Video 1

Video & Transcript

Preparing for the Technology Assessment

This video provides how to prepare for the technology assessment.

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PDF iconAssessment Kit Checklist

Technology Assessment Video 2

Video & Transcript

The Interview

This video prepares you for the assessment interview.

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Technology Assessment Video 3

Video & Transcript

Conducting the Assessment

This video prepares the viewer to conduct the assessment.

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PDF iconNDBEDP Assessment Template

Technology Assessment Video 4

Video & Transcript

Writing the Report

This video discusses the next step in the evaluation process, the report.

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PDF iconSample Report/Template

Technology Assessment Video 5

Video & Transcript

Using a Technology Support Service Provider (SSP)

This video focuses on the benefits of using an SSP, if you require such services, during an assessment.

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