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The Professional Learning Department will launch a series of online learning courses. These multimedia courses are designed for professionals working with individuals who are deaf-blind.


Working with Individuals who are Deaf-Blind: A Course for Mental Health Professionals

This course provides mental health professionals with information and resources that will help them assist individuals who are deaf-blind and their support network as they adjust to a dual sensory loss and the impact it has on their life including change of identity, role in the family, communication and social interactions. Their support network may include members of their family, friends, the community, and their coworkers. Strategies and helpful tips will be illustrated throughout the modules.  

  • Rapport Building and Positive Connections: The Role of the Mental Health Professional
  • Introduction to Deaf-Blindness and Etiologies
  • Communicating with Individuals who are Deaf-Blind
  • Ensuring Equal Access and Participation
  • Possible Psychological Implications of Deaf-Blindness


Confident Living: A Course for People Supporting Older Adults with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss

The course is packed with insights, strategies and resources that will support seniors who are deaf-blind in leading a fulfilling and high quality life.   Topics include: understanding vision and hearing loss, communication, orientation and mobility, independent living, leisure and recreation, self-advocacy and elder law.



Haptics: Using Touch Signals to Convey Visual and Environmental Information to People who are Deaf-Blind
This online course provides an introductory level of training in touch signals focusing on the fundamentals of touch signals including definitions, history, practical implementation and specific signal formation and use. Touch signals is a method of providing visual and environmental information to an individual who is deaf-blind discreetly and in real time.  This information allows a person who is deaf-blind to make informed choices and decisions based on a more complete picture of their situation.  This comprehensive online video training series provides an introduction and overview of the various systems of touch signals being used around the world.  Haptic Communication is addressed in depth.  This course follows the format of our recently published Haptic Communication, the American Edition of the Original Title Haptisk Kommunikasjon. The signals found in the book are available in short videos demonstrating the functional use of touch signals in various situations.  In addition, there are videos with personal presentations by individuals who are deaf-blind showing various perspectives and how touch signals benefit them in everyday life.

The course consists of the following 5 modules

  • Definitions, Background and Personal Experiences
  • Direction, Level and Grading Signals
  • Reference, Food, Drink and Color Signals
  • Describing Rooms and People
  • Emotion Signals and Social Feedback



Video Relay Service (VRS): Working with Individuals Who are Deaf-Blind

This course has been designed to increase the awareness and knowledge of Video Relay Service (VRS) interpreters on how to most effectively meet the needs of consumers who are deaf-blind.  



Working with Individuals Who are Deaf-Blind: A Course for Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors and Other Professionals
This course provides VR counselors and other related professionals with information and resources that will guide them in supporting individuals who are deaf-blind to find and maintain fulfilling employment that leads to an increased quality of life.



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