Advocacy in the Deaf-Blind World (ADBW)

Image of 6 young people seated around a table with one young woman standing at the front of the table.  The young woman is signing and the people at the table are looking at her.  One woman has a folded white cane in front of her, another man has his hands on a braille book, another has his hands on a braille display, there are also 2 iPhones on the table and a closed iPad.
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Based on the success of the self-advocacy curriculum developed for the HKNC on-site course, HKNC has developed a series of seven online multi-media courses. Designed for consumers, family members and providers, this fully accessible web-based training series will increase awareness and knowledge of how to most effectively self-advocate for equal access to communication, transportation, mobility, print/media and technology application. All of the presenters in this class are deaf-blind and not only share their professional experience but their personal experiences as well. 


Courses in this Class