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News 12: Helen’s 5K Run/Walk Returns to Sands Point, Long Island

Helen Keller Services hosted their annual Run/Walk on April 23, 2023 to raise funds for their health and wellness programs. Learn more about the event.

Newscaster: Well, the rain did not stop these Long Islanders from hitting the pavement. More than 150 people including DeafBlind runners and walkers turned out for Helen’s 5k Run Walk this morning in Sands Point. This is the first time in 3 years that the event was held in person, after going virtual due to the pandemic. 

Brian Ward, Project Coordinator for Helen Keller Services signs while an interpreter shares what he signs: “Really, it’s a good feeling to see everybody be together, especially since COVID really impacted us hard, you know, no face-to-face contact.  Being in person, it really feels good to see everybody get involved and support each other and working towards our goal and supporting the community. It’s very exciting.”

Newscaster: Organizers with Helen Keller Services say their programs are free and provide support to the DeafBlind community to explore their interests. [End of Transcript]

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