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Technology Solutions for Older Adults with Combined Hearing and Vision Loss

Technology Solutions for Older Adults with Combined Hearing and Vision Loss is a first-of-its-kind resource. This new course is designed for people who directly work with, or otherwise provide support to, older adults who have combined hearing and vision loss and provides a foundation to better understand adaptive technologies that improve participants’ ability to communicate with others and live independently.  Authored by experts from various departments throughout HKNC and with input from the DeafBlind community, this 3-part course offers practical guidance to help improve the overall quality of life and self-sufficiency among older adults with combined hearing and vision loss. HKNC would like to gratefully acknowledge the Consumer Technology Association Foundation for the generous grant to develop this critical resource. 

Introduction to the Class

Video Transcript:

Paige: Welcome to technology solutions for older adults with combined hearing and vision loss. This course is designed for people who are working with or supporting older adults with a combined hearing and vision loss, and who would like to better understand technologies that may improve the older adult’s ability to communicate with others and live independently. This course is one of many online professional learning resources produced by the Helen Keller National Center. According to 2019 data from the American Community Survey, the ACS, approximately 2.47 million Americans identify themselves as having difficulty with both hearing and vision. Seniors over the age of 65 represent 63% this population. Twice as much as the category of adults, age 18 to 64. This data suggests that adults who are 65 and older are the largest population of individuals who experience a combined hearing and vision loss in the United States. There is a wide range of low- and high-tech solutions to improve communication and independent living options for older adults, with a combined hearing and vision loss. One of the challenges that seniors and those caring for them often face, is understanding their needs and identifying solutions that fit those needs. Our ultimate goal for any senior, with a combined vision and hearing loss is that they are able to communicate to the best of their ability and to live as independently as possible.

This course is divided into three modules. For accessibility, each module consists of a narrated presentation with sign language interpretation, and full text availability. All photographs and videos are also described either within the narration or added to the beginning or end of a slide. There are also embedded video examples and testimonials. In module one, you will find a brief overview of the impact and implications of combined hearing and vision loss on older adults related to the use of technology. There are also sections on effective communications, respectful interactions and teaching strategies. Module two covers technology solutions aimed at improving communication for older adults. And module three, focuses on technology solutions that will assist the senior in living a more secure and independent life wherever they call home. This course covers a selection of options for communication and independent living technologies. There’s certain other technologies and devices not mentioned here that may be helpful to an older adult. We have chosen to share a broad range of examples that we have found to meet needs of seniors.

Please note that there are also additional resource links to help you navigate beyond what is outlined in this course. We hope that you enjoy and benefit from the course and that you will consider taking some of our other offerings. And if you seek further support for yourself, or a person you know, who is DeafBlind, please reach out to one of Helen Keller National Center’s regional offices, or our headquarters based in New York to learn more about what we do, how we work every day to support people who are DeafBlind throughout the United States. We hope you enjoy this course.

ACVREP CE Hours: 3.0
CATIS Points: 3.0

Modules Included

Diversity within the Population

Establishing Effective Communication

Ensuring Access


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Ensuring Equal Access and Participation

CRC CE Hours: 2.0
ACVREP CE Hours: 2.0