Introduction to DeafBlind

Remaining Current in the DeafBlind World

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Helen Keller National Center is pleased to offer “Remaining Current in the DeafBlind World. This module is geared toward professionals who work with or support individuals who are DeafBlind but can also be beneficial for family, friends and anyone interacting with a person with a combined vision and hearing loss. This module provides a general overview of some of the advancements in services, strategies and technologies that may be of benefit to an individual who is DeafBlind. Introductions to the following topics will be provided.

    • Support Service Providers (SSP)
    • Haptics
    • WIOA
    • Technological Advances

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This online module can be used in several ways: as a self-study course, with a small group of family, friends or colleagues, as a supplement to a university course or as a requirement for people working with people who are DeafBlind in medical or care facilities.

CRC CE Hours: 2.0
ACVREP CE Hours: 2.0

Modules Included

Support Service Providers (SSPs)

Types of SSPs

Recruiting and Maintaining Personal SSPs


Technological Advances

Focus on Accessibility

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)


Working with Individuals Who are Deaf-Blind: Remaining Current

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CRC CE Hours: 2.0
ACVREP CE Hours: 2.0

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